Campers, dreamers, doers... and mothers

One month already within our dream ecosystem of doers. We are just breathing again after an intense series of workshops, turning 360-degrees around the startup model, in our round-shaped offices of Le Village by CAAP at thecamp. Our heads may be spinning with ideas and opportunities yet we have our feet strongly held in Provence's culture and its sound approach to a new economy.

"my mother-in-law needs less than 10 minutes to grasp our approach... not a small achievement!"

Our dream and vision is set high, aiming to help the world of organizations to change and become more human-centered, more relationship-focused, more horizontal and agile to free innovation and creativity. With our heart and soul, we believe our complex world and its challenges needs a systemic approach and peer-feedback. Yet we still need more than 20 minutes on average to convince people that our solution can address the problem. This is too long even for our Early Believers and strong supporting team.

So we work with the great team of coaches, mentors and gurus gathered by the Program team at Le Village by CAAP and thecamp. We meet with campers, hivers, experts... All tell us our problem is key to address, yet our solution needs to show value quicker, louder and stronger.

After some hard work, we actually realize that organizations cannot transform well and be sustainable if a new culture is not anchored and adopted by all. Our message gets clearer, and even my mother-in-law needs less than 10 minutes to grasp our approach... not a small achievement!

Clearly our choice of thecamp ecosystem for our early growth is starting to pay dividends. Here every company, organization, camper, facilitator that we meet is embarked on the same journey as we are: driving organizations to change and to thrive in the complex world we live in today.

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