Starting a new year with confidence

We are leaving behind 2018 with its full load of observations, explorations, interactions... As a startup we have experimented a lot, wandered a little, interacted a lot: we have learnt!

Our platform code is today almost completely new (so much so that when digging out some 6 month-old pieces of code, we find them so aged already!). The conceptual blueprints of 2018 have been completed and we now have a value proposition AND a solution aligned with our partners core needs. Thanks 2018 for such an emotional roller-coaster and the amazing feedback from all people we have met.

No time to look back and rest though! Year 2019 looks full of promises, yet will require a brand new focus to be as successful as 2018.

No better way to start the year than with the excitement of opening up our new and improved platform sandbox to our first partners: one more step on our way to experimenting with them. Ask us if you want to try it out yourself!

All of us at Uppeer wish you to live and work in tune with your values in 2019!

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