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The innovator's mindset

Design Thinking, Agile, Lean Startup : all these innovation methodologies, although coming from different industries, have a common DNA: they push innovators, through a specific set of practices, to adopt new behaviors to be able to face complexity in their environment, they enable innovators to create value in a context of uncertainty.

Yet it truly is the mindset behind the behaviors that matters most for sustained innovation - at least, this is what we believe at Uppeer, and a conviction shared with our innovation partners. For us, developping innovation in the workplace is not just about introducing new tools and processes: it is rather a deep transformation journey which should change the whole mindset and culture at work.

The role of training and its limitations

Are your change leaders, managers and HR partners ready and well-equipped to enable such a deep human transformation? In fact, nothing is less certain.

Transformation programs, as far as human change is concerned, often rely only on traditional training actions, which too often fail to create a real long-term impact. Evidence has been shown (Roussel, J.-F., 2011) that only a small portion of what we learn in training is actually transferred into sustainable on-the-field practices (10% to 20%).

So how can your organization manage to change mindsets without an efficient way to anchor expected behaviors, abilities and attitudes into day-to-day work?

A road-book to put training into practice

At Uppeer, we are eager to help organizations addressing this challenge and realizing their full innovation potential. Our idea is simple: supplementing each training program with a digital road-book, helping learners to put what they have learnt into practice, back to their work, in a fully autonomous way.

Our unique learning model is able to unlock the development of hard skills and soft skills, in a progressive way, relying on training resources, interactions on-the-job and within the learning community (through peer feedback, experience sharing, and coaching sessions).

Training becomes a starting point: we work with your training providers to redesign their programs, extend their training material and learning objectives to best support this long transformation journey.

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